Winter Blues

June 7th, 2023

Experiencing those winter blues, missing the sun, wanting to hibernate, feeling a little flat???

Here are some things to try……

Go outside

In the morning, or whenever during daylight. This may be a walk with a friend, a walking meeting, walk with some music/podcast through your earphones

Get sunlight wherever possible

Sitting next to windows where the sunlight comes in, wiping down windows, opening curtains, trimming trees that may block light

Try some mindfulness/meditation

This doesn’t have to be for long and doesn’t need to be complicated. It may be just concentrating on 5 slow steady breaths in and out, it might be naming the different colours you can see out the nearest window, it may be wiggling your toes and fingers, shrugging your shoulders and raising your eyebrows in a noticing way.

Embrace the snuggly at home

Watching a good movie/tv series wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa with dog/kids/partner/cat/cuddly unicorn, having a hot bath, listening to some feel good music, read a good book and so on. Being kind to yourself- hibernating is natural

Connect with friends/family

Find ways to connect that work- phone/online chats, inviting people for a cuppa, meeting at warm places-café/library, going for a walk, doing some window shopping with a friend

Eat nourishing food

Making a wholesome soup/casserole/stew, getting vitamin D in lean meats, oily fish, eggs and dairy

Book in with your HIP or Health Coach

Talk about how to put these in place. Appointments are free, just call or see reception staff at UHHC on 04 9201800 to book in.