New patients

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There are advantages to enrolling with a GP. These include:

  • Reduced doctors’ fees
  • Timely access to appointments
  • Access to the online patient portal
  • Appointment and recall reminders

To enrol with us you can:

  • Come and see us at reception
  • Phone and we will send the paperwork to you
  • Fill in our online enrolment form
  • Download the enrolment forms and bring to reception

Please ensure you complete the forms in full and you will need to provide us with two forms of ID i.e. copies of birth certificate, drivers licence and/or passport. The forms and your ID documents can be posted to us at:

Upper Hutt Health Centre
PO Box 40-044
Upper Hutt

Or drop them and your ID documents into reception. If you were born outside New Zealand, you will need to come into reception with your ID documents. One of these MUST be your passport, so that we can determine your eligibility for funded health services.

Once we have received your completed application form, it will take approximately 1–2 weeks for your medical file to be transferred to us from other practices within NZ.  It is preferable that your medical notes have arrived from your previous GP practice prior to your first appointment so your doctor has access to your file.

Enrolment Form

Overseas Visitors

Eligibility for publicly funded health services

This section provides information on your eligibility for publicly funded health and disability services, the eligibility criteria and what you need to prove your eligibility.

Funding is provided for the following:

  • New Zealand permanent residents
  • New Zealand citizens (including those from the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau)
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident who has lived, or intends to live, in New Zealand for two years or more
  • Work visa holder eligible to be in New Zealand for two years or more
  • People aged 17 years or younger, in the care and control of an eligible parent, legal guardian, adopting parent or person applying to be their legal guardian
  • Interim visa holders
  • New Zealand Aid Programme student receiving Official Development Assistance (ODA) funding
  • Commonwealth scholarship students
  • Foreign language teaching assistant
  • Refugees and protected persons, applicants and appeallants for refugee and protection status, and victims of people trafficking offences

To check what you need to bring for proof of eligibility please click here

If you do not match any of the situations listed on the Guide to eligibility for publicly funded health services page, you may however be eligible for a limited range of services in certain situations. Check whether you meet other eligibility criteria listed below.

  • Accidents and personal injuries
  • Australian residents
  • Compulsory health services
  • Emergency services
  • Foreign diplomats and their family
  • Immunisations and Well Child
  • Infectious diseases
  • Maternity services
  • Pregnant women infected with HIV
  • Prisoners
  • UK citizens

Fees for Visitors

Casual patients

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Not eligible? A recommendation:

The government strongly recommends that people in New Zealand who are not eligible for publicly funded health services hold comprehensive travel insurance, including health insurance.


Are visitors covered for accidents?

New Zealand’s universal accident insurance scheme (ACC) covers treatment costs for accidental injuries for New Zealand citizens, residents and visitors alike. It covers acute accident-related hospital treatment, and a wide range of other services approved by ACC. Claims for ongoing treatment must be accepted by ACC, and part charges may apply.

While ACC covers visitors’ injury-related treatment, comprehensive travel insurance is strongly recommended to cover repatriation expenses and claims not accepted by ACC.

To find out more about the scheme, visit the ACC website.