Due to rising costs, prescription charges will be increasing from 1st April 2023 to $22 for CSC holders and $26 for all others. We aim to keep these charges as low as we can.

Repeat prescriptions for Upper Hutt Health Centre patients can be ordered by:

  • Registering with the ManageMyHealth patient portal and ordering your repeat prescriptions via this secure online pathway – these requests go directly to your Doctor so are the most time efficient.
  • Phoning 04 920 1800 option 2 (script line) – available anytime.
  • Completing a form at front reception – during normal working hours. This works best if you bring a printed list of medications from your pharmacy.

Prescriptions can now be sent to your pharmacy of choice electronically.

To ensure there is no delay in processing your next prescription, please register for ManageMyHealth now.

Please allow three working days for the prescription to be processed. Payment is due on collection.