Drivers Licence Medicals

For the safety of everyone on our roads, all drivers must be medically fit to drive. You have to prove that you are medically fit each time you apply for, renew, or replace your drivers’ licence.

Driving medicals are carried out by the Doctors at the Upper Hutt Health Centre.

You’ll need to present a medical certificate when:

  • applying for or renewing a heavy vehicle licence (class 2,3,4,5), unless you’ve provided a certificate within the last five years
  • applying for or renewing endorsements for passengers (P), vehicle recovery services (V), driving instruction (I) or testing officer (O) unless you’ve provided a certificate within the last five years
  • you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to drive safely
  • you’re an older driver obtaining or renewing any licence class or endorsement beyond your 75th birthday

Renewing for seniors

Once you turn 75 there are a few changes to the process for renewing your driver licence:

  • Your new licence will be valid for only two to five years.
  • The renewal fees are lower – because you’re renewing your licence more often.
  • You need to present a medical certificate each time you apply.
  • If recommended by your doctor, you will have to sit a 30-minute On-road Safety Test

For more information visit the NZTA website here.


Please ring and make an appointment for your driving medical. Standard consult fee applies for a private driving medical. The commercial driving medical will cost $70.

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